Transient cultural adjustment: a study of British event managers in China

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Authors: Fox, D.

Start date: 13 September 2012

Globalisation is encouraging businesses to operate in countries across the world, in order to sustain business success. This has put new strains on employees to perform effectively within different cultures. However, this is not always successful and consequently there is a need to better understand the processes expatriates undergo when operating overseas. Adjustment models (e.g. Oberg 1960) have been developed to comprehend these experiences, but there is little research that relates to the events industry and the transitory nature of its assignments. This paper is a study of British employees of a company which organises sailing events throughout the world and in particular their experience of a necessarily brief adjustment process in China. Using semi-structured interviews, the data suggests that pre-departure cross-cultural training is essential if there is to be a positive relationship between the adjustment process, event success and business growth. This leads to the development of an adjustment model suitable for the global events industry.

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