The use of postmodern feminist methodology to examine the influences of therapists’ sexuality

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Authors: Ryden, J.

Start date: 2002

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Authors: Ryden, J. and Loewenthal, D.

Pages: 145-152

ISBN: 9781855753013

DOI: 10.4324/9780429484858-12

© 2006 The contributors. The approach taken within the interviews followed the feminist exhortation to reciprocity, indicating personal involvement of the researcher. The postmodern beliefs underpinning this research would reject such a possibility, preferring to believe that social worlds and identities are themselves being constructed through the interview process, and continue to evolve and develop without reaching a fixed and defined end-point. The analysis focused upon two sites of contradiction within the interviews: the “employment/rejection of lesbian stereotypes”, and the “danger/safety inferred through the sexuality of the therapist”. The actual study explored the influence of therapists’ sexuality upon lesbian experiences of therapy and particularly the influence of marginal and dominant discourses within the process. The discursive nature of a lesbian’s experience revealed within therapy should be open to question and examination. The literature review showed some discursive influences upon a lesbian within a therapeutic context, and these will be considered in relation to the lesbian texts within the interview analysis.

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