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Dr Carol Wilkins

  • Principal Academic
  • Royal London House R610/ Portsmouth, Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 3LT
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As an experienced midwife and lecturer, I lead two pre-registration midwifery units and teach across the spectrum of pre and post registration and postgraduate midwifery. In my role as a clinical link tutor I practise and support students in community, birth centre and hospital environments. I have been involved in a number of collaborative research projects and my particular interest is perinatal mental health.

My doctoral research is examining relationships between the way in which women manage or process the emotions resulting from challenging events (such as childbirth) and the emergence of postnatal depression and other perinatal psychological difficulties. I am working in collaboration with researchers at Dorset Research and Development Support Unit where a tool (the Emotional Processing Scale) has been developed to measure emotional processing.

I have recently completed and produced the final report for a research project funded by the UK Departments of Health. The project, which involved collaboration with the University of York and the UK Charity, Best Beginnings, evaluated the impact of the DVD `From Bump to Breastfeeding┬┐ on women┬┐s attitudes towards infant feeding over the childbirth continuum...


Journal Articles


  • Wilkins, C., 2016. Emotional Processing in Childbirth (EPiC) Study. A longitudinal study exploring the relationship between how women manage their emotions and the development of postnatal depression. In: International Confederation of Midwives 30th Triennial Congress 1-5 June 2014 Prague.
  • Wilkins, C., Bick, D. and Thomas, P., 2016. Emotional Processing in Childbirth (EPIC) Study: Does poor emotional processing predict the development of postnatal depression. In: British Psychological Society, Division of Clinical Psychology Annual Conference. 2-4 December 2015 London.
  • Wilkins, C., Ryan, K. and Green, J., 2008. Evaluation of the Bump to Breastfeeding DVD in supporting and maintaining breastfeeding. In: Maternal and Infant Nutrition and Nurture (MAIN) conference 7-10 September 2009 Grange over Sands.
  • Wilkins, C., 2008. Emotional Processing in Childbirth (EPIC): An enquiry into the relationship between emotional processing and postnatal depression in childbearing women. In: International Confedertion of Midwives 28th Triennial Congress. Midwifery: A Worldwide Commitment to Women and the Newborn 1-5 June 2008 Glasgow.
  • Wilkins, C., 2005. Doing it right: enabling intuitive mothering. In: Midwifery: Pathways to Healthy Nations, 27th Congress of the International Confederation of Midwives 24-28 July 2005 Brisbane, Australia.


  • Wilkins, C., 2012. Emotional processing in childbirth: a longitudinal study of women's management of emotions during pregnancy and the association with postnatal depression. PhD Thesis. Bournemouth University, School of Health and Social Care.


PhD Students

  • Layla Toomer, 2018. Narratives of postnatal care: experiences of women and carers
  • Daisy Wiggins. My Birthplace: a computerised decision making tool to support women, their partners and midwives to make a decision about place of birth
  • Carol Ann Richardson. The 'weighty' problem of obese pregnant women with complex social, medical, obstetric & social needs
  • Daisy Wiggins. Does the presentation of decision support tools as an app affect the decision making and information gathering of pregnant women, their family and subsequently the patient physician relationship.
  • Carol A Richardson. A study of obese pregnant women with complex social, medical and obstetric needs
  • Carolyn Richardson. African Caribbean immigrant women's psychological adjustment to motherhood in Canada

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Foundation Knowledge and Practice, Foundations in Postnatal Care, Caseloading Practice, Integrating Knowledge, Research and Practice


  • PhD in Midwifery (Bournemouth University, 2012)
  • PG Dip in Health and Social Care Education (Bournemouth University, 2005)
  • BA (Hons) in Sociology (University of Lancaster, 1973)
  • MA in Professional Practice (Midwifery) (2003)


  • Royal College of Midwives, Member,
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