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I am a professor of health economics with a reputation for leading-edge, rigorous and high-quality research, with particular strengths in the economics of health policy and health systems. My research and consultancy activities focus on: (i) evaluating the value of money of new healthcare programmes for NHS decisionmakers, (ii) the relationship between staff and patient well-being, as well as valuing health outcomes, (iii) productivity and the efficient allocation of resources in health systems, and (iv) the economics of technical innovation, with a focus on "technology-enabled pharmacy".

During my career, I have successfully delivered over 70 health economics and health policy projects, with clients including the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, the NHS, charities, the British Council and the NIHR. I have also had over 140 articles published in both academic and trade journals.

I have a strong international profile as an authoritative subject matter expert in health economics and health policy...


Journal Articles

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Invited Lectures

  • Role of HEOR in Decision Making, Dubai, UAE, 19 Sep 2018 more
  • The renaissance of community pharmacy, Glasgow, 02 Sep 2018 more
  • Workforce, technology and pharmacy practice, Lisbon, Portugal, 25 Jun 2018 more
  • Health economics in the project, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 14 Jun 2018 more
  • A dramaturgical framework of scams, National University of Singapore, 14 Jan 2018 more
  • The role of scams in populist policy-making, Melbourne, Australia, 25 Sep 2017 more
  • Digitalisation and impact on pharmacy, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 10 Sep 2017 more
  • Facial Remote Activity Monitoring Eyewear, Lisbon, Portugal, 21 Jul 2017 more
  • Technology-enabled pharmacy: the future for pharma, Cairio, Egypt, 31 Jan 2017 more
  • Technology-enabled pharmacy, Cairio, Egypt, 14 Jan 2017 more
  • Managing cost calculation in implementation, Seville, Spain, 19 Nov 2016 more
  • Restructuring of provincial health systems, NUST, Islamabad, 26 Oct 2016 more
  • Big Data, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 28 Aug 2016 more
  • Economics of dengue vector control, De La Salle University, Philippines, 07 Jul 2016 more


  • The UK-China Health and Economy Partnership: Project extension. (British Council, 01 Oct 2018). In Progress
  • Pharmacoeconomics development in Egypt (British Council, 01 Oct 2018). In Progress
  • Mapping Invention for Innovation (NIHR Central Commissioning Facility, 15 Nov 2016). Completed
  • The UK-China Health and Economy Partnership: A novel knowledge transfer partnership promoting long-term collaboration in pharmacoeconomics (British Council GSK Pharmacoeconomics funding, 14 Nov 2016). In Progress
  • Delivering Excellent Care Every Day for People Living with Advanced Dementia: Namaste Care Intervention UK (Alzheimer's Society Research grant, 21 Mar 2016). In Progress
  • The Frontier Framework: Improving productivity through comparison (NHS England Research grant, 18 Mar 2016). Completed
  • The British Council Coventry University Pharmacoeconomics Programme (British Council Newton-Mosharafa funding, 28 Feb 2016). In Progress
  • Research into Practice PeopLE (RIPPLE) 2: Making Waves (Health Foundation Research grant, 01 Dec 2015). Completed
  • Impact, acceptibility and costeffectiveness of identifying infectious diseases amongst migrants in primary care (NIHR Post Doctoral Fellowship funding, 07 Aug 2015). In Progress
  • Facial remote activity monitoring eyewear (FRAME) (NIHR i4i funding, 18 Mar 2015). Completed
  • Evaluation of Epilepsy Structured Education Programme (Epilepsy Action Research Grant, 24 Nov 2014). Completed


  • MSc in Health Care Ethics (University of Birmingham, 2000)
  • PhD in Health Economics (University of Nottingham, 1996)
  • MSc in Health Economics (University of York, 1993)
  • BA (Hons) in Economics (2.1) (University of York, 1992)
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