Wish: edition 1

This source preferred by Vicky Isley and Paul Smith

Authors: Isley, V. and Smith, P.


Place of Publication: Valencia, Spain

Vicky Isley & Paul Smith (aka boredomresearch) are interested in engaging communities online through contemplative and rewarding experiences. In this web project Wish (edition 1) they present an alternative online forum.

Inspired by the Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees in Hong Kong where visitors make a wish by writing it on some yellow paper and tying it to an orange. Then they try their luck at getting it to hang on one of the branches of the wishing tree. If you wish hangs in the tree it will come true, if not the myth claims that you have made your wish too greedy.

boredomresearch exhibited a spanish version of their online wishing tree at Digital Media 1.0, Valencia 17th April – 11th May 2008.

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