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Dr Daniel Gyollai

  • dgyollai at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Lecturer In Criminology
  • BGB
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Daniel is a former police officer and holds an MSc in Criminology with Forensic Psychology from Middlesex University London and a PhD in Criminology from Glasgow Caledonian University. Before joining Bournemouth University, he worked as a Researcher at GCU. His research interests include police culture, security studies, critical discourse studies and the application of phenomenology in qualitative research.

Journal Articles

  • Bridging Copenhagen and Paris: how Hungarian police accept anti-immigrant discourse. European Security.
  • Gyollai, D., 2020. Getting into it in the wrong way: Interpretative phenomenological analysis and the hermeneutic circle. Nursing Philosophy, 21 (2).
  • Gyollai, D., 2020. The sociocognitive approach in critical discourse studies and the phenomenological sociology of knowledge: intersections. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences.
  • Korkut, U., Terlizzi, A. and Gyollai, D., 2020. Migration controls in Italy and Hungary From conditionalized to domesticized humanitarianism at the EU borders. JOURNAL OF LANGUAGE AND POLITICS, 19 (3), 391-412.
  • Ashraf, T., Korkut, U. and Gyollai, D., 2019. The Expansion of State Authority Over the Neighbouring States Through Informal Migration Controls: The Case of Hungary’s Control over Serbia. Spanish yearbook of international law.
  • Gyollai, D. and Amatrudo, A., 2019. Controlling irregular migration: International human rights standards and the Hungarian legal framework. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CRIMINOLOGY, 16 (4), 432-451.


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