Edvard Orlic

Dr Edvard Orlic

  • 01202 965338
  • eorlic at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Lecturer in Business Economics
  • EBC 4th floor
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Edvard Orlic joined Bournemouth University in February 2016 as a Lecturer in Business Economics. Before joining Bournemouth, he was a lecturer at Staffordshire University. He worked on several EU projects related to financial participation of employees funded by the European Commission. He obtained his PhD in Economics from Staffordshire University. His research interests are internationalization and innovation process of firms, location choice of MNCs, FDI spillovers, GVC and firm performance.

Journal Articles

  • Stojcic, N., Hashi, I. and Orlic, E., 2018. CREATIVITY, INNOVATION EFFECTIVENESS AND PRODUCTIVE EFFICIENCY IN THE UNITED KINGDOM. European Journal of Innovation Management.
  • Orlic, E., Hashi, I. and Hisarciklilar, M., 2018. Cross Sectoral FDI spillovers and their impact on manufacturing productivity. International business review.
  • Stojcic, N. and Orlic, E., 2016. Foreign Direct Investment and structural transformation of exports. Ekonomska misao i praksa, 11 (2), 355-378.
  • Kersan-Škabić, I. and Orlić, E., 2009. Does trade liberalization cause FDI inflow or vice versa? The case of croatia. Ekonomska Istrazivanja, 22 (2), 1-24.
  • Kersan-Skabic, I. and Orlic, E., 2007. Determinants of FDI inflows in CEE and Western Balkan countries (is accession to the EU important for attracting FDI?). Economic and Business Review for Central and South-Eastern Europe, 9 (4).


  • Orlic, E., 2017. Determinants of global value chain participation in CESEE. In: Gnan, E. and Kronberger, R., eds. Schwerpunkt Außenwirtschaft 2016/2017 Direktinvestititionen: Trends, Erklärungsfaktoren, Barrieren. Vienna: Facultas Verlags- und Buchhandels AG facultas.


  • Orlic, E. and Stojcic, N., 2017. Regional FDI spillovers and TFP of firms in new EU member states. In: 2nd WORLD CONGRESS OF COMPARATIVE ECONOMICS 15-17 June 2017 St.Petersburg.
  • Orlic, E., Radicic, D. and Balavac, M., 2017. R&D and innovation policy in the Balkans - are there additionaiity effects? In: Horizon 2020 Twinning project ‘Smart EIZ’ - Assessing innovation policy: overview of theoretical, design and implementation issues’ 19-21 April 2017 Zagreb.
  • Orlic, E. and Stojcic, N., 2016. Regional FDI spillovers and TFP of firms in new EU member states. In: VII Workshop on INSTITUTIONS, INDIVIDUAL BEHAVIOR AND ECONOMIC OUTCOMES 11-13 June 2016 Alghero, Italy.
  • Orlic, E., 2015. Disentangling vertical linkages from foreign MNCs and their impact on downstream manufacturing productivity. In: 8th FIW Research Conference ‘International Economics’ 3-4 December 2015 Vienna.
  • Orlic, E. and Stojcic, N., 2015. Regional FDI spillovers and total factor productivity of firms. In: FIRST WORLD CONGRESS OF COMPARATIVE ECONOMICS 25-27 June 2015 Rome.
  • Hashi, I., Stojcic, N. and Orlic, E., 2015. Creativity, Innovations and Productivity in United Kingdom: A Firm Level Analysis. In: 11th International Conference Challenges of Europe: Growth, Competitiveness and Inequality 27-29 May 2015 Hvar.


  • Hashi, I., Lowitzch, J. and Orlic, E., 2013. Employee Financial Participation in Companies’ Proceeds. European Parliament Directorate General For Internal Policies - Employment And Social Affairs.
  • Hashi, I., Lowitzch, J. and Orlic, E., 2012. Employee Financial Participation in Public Services in the European union. CEEP - European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing Public Services.
  • Lowitzsch, J., Hashi, I. and Woodward, R., 2009. The PEPPER IV Report: Benchmarking of Employee Participation in Profits and Enterprise Results in the Member and Candidate Countries of the European Union. Institute for Eastern European Studies, Free University of Berlin. Available from: http://www.intercentar.de/.

PhD Students

  • Man The Nguyen, 2019. Effect of corporate governance and ownership on firm performance in Vietnam

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Public Finance and Tax Policy

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Economics for Business Studies
  • Economics for Accounting and Finance


  • The competitiveness of Croatian Exports (Croatian ministry of Science, Education and Sport through “Multinannual institutional financing programme”, 01 Jan 2014). Completed
  • The role of FDI spillovers in regional productivity dynamics (The Global Development Network (GDN) and CERGE-EI Foundation, 01 Jan 2013). Completed
  • Employee Financial Participation in Companies´ Proceeds (European Parliament, DG Internal Policies Of The Union - Department A - Economic And Scientific Policy - Policy Department, 01 Jan 2012). Completed
  • Employee Financial Participation in Public Services in the European Union (CEEP and European Commission, 01 Mar 2011). Completed
  • Information and Communication Project - Promoting Employee Financial Participation in the EU-27 (European Commission DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, 01 Dec 2010). Completed
  • Assessing and Benchmarking Financial Participation of Employees in the EU 27 (PEPPER IV Report) (European Commission's Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities and the Kelso Institute for the Study of Economic Systems, 02 Jan 2006). Completed

External Responsibilities

  • Coventry and Lazarski University, External Panel Member (2017-)

Internal Responsibilities

  • Level 5 Programme Coordinator, Accounting, Finance and Economics


  • PhD in Economics (Staffordshire University, 2016)
  • MSc in Economics (2007)
  • BSc (Hons) in Finance (2005)


  • Olga Radzyner Award (Austrian National Bank, 2016)
  • PhD scholarship (Open Societ Foundation and Staffordshire University, 2010)
  • Postgraduate scholarship (Tempus, 2006)


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