Lost Flight Plume Prints

Authors: Isley, V., Smith, P. and boredomresearch


Start date: 1 April 2014

The Lost Flight Plume prints employ the same agent based mechanics used in boredomresearch's generative system Fragments of Lost Flight (2012) but rendered at a much higher resolution than is allowed on screen. boredomresearch developed the Fragments software to create large curled plume shaped structures. In these c-type prints a myriad of individual scales combine to form an image redolent of preserved specimens captured from mysterious unknown organisms. The prints allow the generative images to be appreciated differently to those formed on screen, giving preference to the interaction between individual pattern elements and their emergent form. In these works the artist have captured specific forms they find particularly rewarding. Each image presents a vibrant, intricately scaled surface with an overall appearance reminiscent of plumes from an alluring life form.

This art exhibition is organised as part of a convention (AISB50) commemorating both 50 years since the founding of the society for the study of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour (the AISB) and sixty years since the death of Alan Turing, founding father of both Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, will be held at Goldsmiths, University of London, UK from the 1st to the 4th April 2014.

'A EYE: An exhibition of art and nature inspired computation' is the first of its kind at the AISB convention and it incorporates various aspects of generating artworks using various artificial intelligence techniques (swarm intelligence, evolutionary algorithms, artificial neural networks, multi-­agent systems, artificial life and any other algorithm) or method that derives from the natural world.

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