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Henrik Reschreiter

  • hreschreiter at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
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Journal Articles

  • Richards-Belle, A., Canter, R.R., Power, G.S., Robinson, E.J., Reschreiter, H., Wunsch, H. and Harvey, S.E., 2016. National survey and point prevalence study of sedation practice in UK critical care. CRITICAL CARE, 20.
  • Ridgeon, E., Reschreiter, H. et al., 2016. Validation of a classification system for causes of death in critical care: an assessment of inter-rater reliability. CRITICAL CARE AND RESUSCITATION, 18 (1), 50-54.
  • Camsooksai, J., Barnes, H. and Reschreiter, H., 2013. Critical care research in a district general hospital: the first year. Nurs Crit Care, 18 (5), 229-235.
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