Hassan Yazdifar

Professor Hassan Yazdifar

  • Head of Department for Accounting, Finance and Economics
  • DH201,
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PhD Supervision: Hassan has supervised 14 PhD students and currently have several PhD students.

Areas for PhD supervision: - Management Accounting Change - Diffusion of Innovative Management Practices including Management Accounting Practices - Accounting in Developing and Emerging Economies - Research & Development - Organisational Change, Organisational learning, Mergers and Acquisitions, MIS - Performance Measurement - Financial Reporting, Auditing and Corporate Governance - Accounting Education, Ethical and Islamic Accounting - Qualitative Research Methods

Journal Articles

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  • Yazdifar, H., 2006. The value of integration: Old institutional economics and new institutional sociology. Economics of the Firm: Analysis, Evolution, History. 88-108.

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Developing Sustainable Strategies (MBA)

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Advance Management Accounting


  • Performance measurement in oil and gas (O&G) industry (MindMash, 01 Jan 2020). Awarded
  • - Research Links Workshop Grant: Employee motivation and engagement for promoting green behaviour leading to energy efficient workplaces’ (British Council, 01 Jan 2017). Completed
  • Management Accounting and Privatisation: A study in an Emerging Economy (Kosha va Raaz Auditing, 01 Jan 2015). In Progress
  • IT, Education and Learning Process (Rahnamood, 01 Jan 2014). Completed
  • MIS change in complex organisations in the context of developing countries (Salford Business School - Salford University, 01 Jan 2014). Completed
  • - A comparative investigation into the diffusion of management accounting innovations in UK, Australia and New Zealand (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants & The University of Sheffield and The University of Auckland, 01 Jan 2006). Completed

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • http://www.agba.us/index.html


  • PhD in Accounting (The University of Manchester, 2004)
  • MRes in Accounting (The University of Manchester, 1999)
  • MA in Accounting (The University of Tehran (Iran), 1992)
  • BA (Hons) in Accounting (The University of Shahid Beheshti (Iran), 1988)


  • Higher Education Academy, Fellow (2014-),
  • IACPA, Member (1997-),
  • The European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM), Member,
  • The European Network for Research of Organizational and Accounting Change (ENROAC)., Member,
  • The European Network on the Economics of the Firm (ENEF), Member,