Hassan Yazdifar

Professor Hassan Yazdifar

  • Professor and Head of Department for Accounting, Finance and Economics
  • DH201,
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Professor Hassan Yazdifar is the Head of Department (Accounting, Finance and Economics) at Bournemouth University (UK) and has achieved success in management, consultancy and leadership roles within industry, and academia. Professor Yazdifar has undertaken the responsibility of several research projects funded by the British Council, the National Institute for Health Research (NiHR), the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants - CIMA (UK). He is currently the Project Investigator (PI) for two British Council China and Egypt funded projects, and Co-Investigator for the National Institute for Health Research (NiHR) project. Professor Yazdifar’s experience is in both developed and developing countries and considers globalisation as an important factor in developing business performance, research and development, and developing knowledge transfer and building partnerships.

Professor Yazdifar has published extensively in international accounting and business journals, is proactively involved with organisational learning; organisation change management; and adopting innovative practices to improve performances in commercial and service organisations both in public and private sectors...


Journal Articles

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  • Yazdifar, H., 2006. The value of integration: Old institutional economics and new institutional sociology. Economics of the Firm: Analysis, Evolution, History. 88-108.

PhD Students

  • Hang Nguyen, 2022. Investigating The Moderating Effects Of Corporate Governance On The Relationship Between Financial Leverage And Firm Performance In Emerging Economies – A Case Study Of Vietnamese Listed Companies (MRes), (In progress)

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Developing Sustainable Strategies (MBA)

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Advance Management Accounting


  • Performance measurement in oil and gas (O&G) industry (MindMash, 01 Jan 2020). Awarded
  • - Research Links Workshop Grant: Employee motivation and engagement for promoting green behaviour leading to energy efficient workplaces’ (British Council, 01 Jan 2017). Completed
  • Management Accounting and Privatisation: A study in an Emerging Economy (Kosha va Raaz Auditing, 01 Jan 2015). In Progress
  • IT, Education and Learning Process (Rahnamood, 01 Jan 2014). Completed
  • MIS change in complex organisations in the context of developing countries (Salford Business School - Salford University, 01 Jan 2014). Completed
  • - A comparative investigation into the diffusion of management accounting innovations in UK, Australia and New Zealand (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants & The University of Sheffield and The University of Auckland, 01 Jan 2006). Completed

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • AGBA Vice President for UK - Academy for Global Business Advancement (AGBA)


  • PhD in Accounting (The University of Manchester, 2004)
  • MRes in Accounting (The University of Manchester, 1999)
  • MA in Accounting (The University of Tehran (Iran), 1992)
  • BA (Hons) in Accounting (The University of Shahid Beheshti (Iran), 1988)


  • Higher Education Academy, Fellow (2014-),
  • IACPA, Member (1997-),
  • The European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM), Member,
  • The European Network for Research of Organizational and Accounting Change (ENROAC)., Member,
  • The European Network on the Economics of the Firm (ENEF), Member,