Iain MacRury

Professor Iain MacRury

  • Deputy Dean - Research and Professional Practice
  • Weymouth House W424, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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Professor Iain MacRury is Deputy Dean, Research and Professional Practice in the Faculty of Media and Communication. He is Professor of Media and Communications. An active researcher, Professor MacRury leads on the UoA34 Media, Culture and Communications REF preparations, including impact planning. He is Head of the Faculty's Doctoral School, overseeing PhD activities from induction to completion. He is an experienced PhD supervisor and examiner.

He is currently co-I on the AHRC-funded Branded Content Research Network (with Professor Jonathan Hardy) and has been the recipient of multiple grants and awards for consultancy and research in his field(s). He has researched and published widely; on Brand Communications, Advertising and Mobile Communications. His broader work on cultural analysis encompasses influential writing on the theory of comedy, a significant book-length study of Doctor Who (with Prof. Michael Rustin) and an extended series of academic and consultancy work looking closely at Olympic mega-events, Paralympics, urban change and local development, higher education policy and practice...



Currently undertaking research projects focussing on dynamic change in advertising and branded content industries (AHRC Branded Content Network). This work includes an analytic study of emerging ad agency structures, technologies and regulation and a consultancy-funded analysis of collaborative practices in distributed multi-agency creative production processes. I have lately begun a survey project of charity-brands' use of non-traditional content creation processes (BFX case study). This cluster of work contributes to the conceptualisation of "liquid advertising" (MacRury 2018). I am an appointed UKRI peer reviewer.

I am engaged with research phases on funded & knowledge exchange projects on Mobile App development (including prototype projects linked to student mobility and health). I have recently completed an internally funded project on practice-guidance for Video Abstracting and scholarly communications and contributed to an ongoing project supporting risk-management for hazardous journalistic practices. I am finishing a contracted monograph on the novels of Patricia Highsmith Karnac / Routledge, 2019).

I am leading a project to examine change in UK Higher Education and have created a comprehensive image and text-based database of UK HEI communications artefacts mapping content to HEI-cluster characteristics. I continue to teach, research and publish on comedy, advertising, brand communications, culture and communication including editing a 4th Edition of The Advertising Handbook (Routledge, 2018).


Journal Articles



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  • MacRury, I., 2018. Brexit: borders, groups and the skin you’re in. In: ESRC Festival of Social Science 3-10 November 2018 EBC Bournemouth.
  • MacRury, I., 2018. Gender, trauma and the fake. Patricia Highsmith and the work of storytelling. In: Console-ing Passions 2018 11-13 July 2018 Bournemouth University.
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PhD Students

  • Amber Burton. Digital females: professional online identities for the over 35s in the communication industries
  • David Alder. A historical perspective on gin: A promotion, cultural and political history
  • Beverley Barker. Media planning: investigating audience segmentation as a variable of media efficacy in the digital environment
  • Alison Smith. Tourism, science and community engagement: mega attractions
  • Laura Campbell. Accessing Higher Education: a qualitative study of first in family WP (Ed,D)
  • Yael Pinsker. Aspects of Representation of Female Stars in TV comedy programs

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Media in Transition: Core MA Unit MA Media and Communication
  • Head of FMC Doctoral School: Overall leadership and management of Post Graduate Research activities in the Faculty
  • Marketing Communications, Media and Society - Contributions on Marketing Communications dissertations
  • Research Methods MA module (for students on Advertising / Politics and Political Psychology)

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Advertising and Society
  • Political Communication (Lectures on political comedy)
  • Media and Psychology
  • Media and Society: guest lecture
  • Decoding advertising - Introduction and core ideas in Semiotics
  • UG Research Methods - Focus Groups and Online surveys
  • UG Dissertation Supervision


  • Advertising due diligence: best practice in distributed creative projects (via Field Fisher Law, 21 Nov 2017). Awarded
  • AHRC Branded Content Network (AHRC, 30 Sep 2016). Awarded
  • Mobile apps development: expanding applications, innovation and creativity (HEIF, 30 Sep 2014). Awarded
  • Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership SEP - Prioritisation data support (Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership SEP, 25 Apr 2014). Awarded
  • Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership Strategic Economic Plan - further amendments (Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership, 07 Apr 2014). Awarded
  • Dorset Strategic Economic Plan (Dorset LEP, 18 Feb 2014). Awarded
  • Olympic Games Impact Study – London 2012 (ESRC, 01 Oct 2009). Awarded
  • OECD LOndon 2012 Legacy (Department of Communities and Local Government, 11 Aug 2009). Awarded

External Responsibilities

Internal Responsibilities

  • Chair, Faculty Research Degrees Commitee
  • Chair, Faculty Research Commitee
  • Deputy Chair, University Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee (URKEC)
  • member, Graduate School Research Degrees commitee
  • member, International and Partnerships Committee (IUPC)
  • member, Senate
  • member, University REF commitee
  • Head of PGR activities in the Faculty's Doctoral School, Head Of FMC Doctoral School

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • Communicating Empathy in a Post-Brexit Landscape. With Professor Candida Yates and Professor Brett Kahr
  • What’s funny about that? Come and join us for this session where we’ll be exploring the perennial question: “why is that funny?” Looking at ‘live’ and recorded examples of stand up performance, an interview with a practising stand-up and a Q&A session we’ll be exploring the importance of stand-up as an art form and as popular entertainment—looking at how it’s not just entertainment but offers therapeutic and popular-restorative moments alike.
  • ‘Question Time’ debate – Ethics, prosthetics and cosmeticisation: Troubling Dr Frankenstein in the 21st Century.
  • Short talk on the potential contribution of Bergsonian comic theory to the debate about Parody and IP
  • Life and Death in Doctor Who - the emotional significance of Doctor Who for its audiences
  • Professor Iain MacRury: The Inner World of Doctor Who – Cafe Scientifique! Tuesday, 5 November

Conference Presentations

  • Association for Psychosocial Studies Biennial Conference: Psychosocial Reflections on a Half Century of Cultural Revolution: The 50th anniversary of seasons of love and protest, The Impact of 1968 on “The Idea of the University”: A K Rice - A Systems Perspective on containment and non-containment, 05 Apr 2018, Bournemouth University
  • Captivating Criminality III: Felony, Fear and Forensics, On not being able to be: murder and art in the Ripliad, 23 Jun 2016, Bath Spa


  • Branded Content Marketing Association, Advisory Board of BCMC Institute (2017-), http://www.thebcma.info/
  • HEA, Fellow (2008-2017),
  • International Association for Media and Communication Research, Member,
  • Leadership Foundation in Higher Education, Member (2014-2019),
  • MECCSA Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association, Member (2012-2017),
  • Modern Language Association (MLA), Member (2015-2016), https://www.mla.org/


  • AHRC Branded Content network.
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