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Dr Jill Davey

  • 01202 962017
  • jdavey at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Principal Academic
  • Royal London House R403, Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 3LT
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Prior to joining Bournemouth University (BU) in May 2003, I held both strategic and managerial positions in relation to social work. My last post in practice was that of a Principle Education Officer within Bournemouth Local Authority. My professional background is that of a social worker, and I remain registered with the Health & Care Professions Council. I hold a BA in Social Work, an MSc in Practice Teaching and Post Graduate Teaching Certificate (including SEDA). I am currently undertaking a PhD, which has drawn on research from the UK and South Africa, where I undertook a five week field work study in Zululand, South Africa. In October 2014, I was awarded a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in recognition of my success as a high quality educator.

During my time in practice, I held specialist posts including managing a social work service to all Bournemouth Local Authority and Independent Schools. I retained responsibility for ensuring all children, living within the Bournemouth local area, were effectively achieving their optimal educational outcome and effectively safeguarded from harm or abuse...



I am currently registered as a PhD student. My thesis is a comparative study of kinship care within the UK and Zululand, South Africa. As the first part of my study, I am working with a neighbouring Local Authority to consider issues of placement breakdown.

I am also engaged in a small scale, unfunded project into domestic violence.

Over the past year I have been involved in an unfunded study of child murder. This has resulted in an authored paper on the topic being submitted to the British Journal of Social Work. I am a co-author on a paper entitled 'Who Kills Children - Re-examining the evidence' published by the British Journal of Social Work in 2012.

Journal Articles



  • Davey, J. and Parker, J., 2014. Working with indigenous Communities. In: Crabtree, S., ed. SocNet Series. Whiting and Birch.


  • Davey, J., 2015. Social Work Education - Global Learning Opportunities. In: International Conference 1 June 2015 Mongolia.
  • Davey, J., 2014. All you need is Ubuntu - PhD study into Kinship Care. In: Global Social Work Conference 1 July 2014 Melbourne, Australia.
  • Davey, J., 2013. Kinship Care. In: Global Social Work Conference 1 July 2013 Melbourne, Australia.
  • Davey, J., 2011. PhD Thesis - Kinship Care. In: International Social Work Conference 1 July 2011 Martinique.
  • Davey, J., 2011. Child Protection - a UK perspective. In: European Social Work Conference 1 April 2011 Norway.
  • Davey, J., 2011. Child protection - A UK perspective. In: European Social Work April 2011 Telemark, Norway.
  • Davey, J., 2010. A Comparative Study of Child Protection. In: International Conference 1 September 2010 University of Western Cape.
  • Davey, J., 2007. The Role of Post Qualifying Social Work Education. In: International Conference 1 July 2007 Johannesburg, South Africa.


  • Davey, J., 2016. The care of kin: a case study approach to kinship care in the south of England and Zululand, South Africa. PhD Thesis. Bournemouth University, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences.

Profile of Teaching PG

  • MA Social Work

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Consolidation & Preparation for Specialist Practice - Post Qualifying Specialist Award
  • BSc (Hons) Child Care - Post Qualifying Child Care Award
  • BA (Hons) Social Work Programme
  • Child Protection in Social Work - BA (Hons) Social Work
  • Legislation & Social Policy - Post Qualifying Child Care Specialist Award
  • Managing the Professional Task - Post Qualifying Child Care Specialist Award

Invited Lectures

  • 2005 - Child Protection Issues/Training, Munchen University, Germany
  • 2006 - Child Protection Issues/Training, Helsinki University, Finland


  • International task force visit to Colombia (Fusion Fund, 01 Sep 2014). In Progress
  • Conference attendance (Fusion Fund, 01 Feb 2014). Completed
  • Conference attendance (Fusion Fund, 01 Jan 2013). Completed

External Responsibilities

  • London South Bank University, External Examiner, BA & MA Social Work (2014-)
  • Glasgow Caledonian University, External Examiner, MA Social Work (2012-)
  • Joint University Council - Social Work Education Council, BU Representative (2011-)
  • General Social Care Council, BU Representative (2010-2012)
  • Local Safeguadring Board, BU Representative (2009-)
  • Birmingham City University, External Examiner, BA (Hons) Social Work (2009-2014)
  • Glasgow City University, External Examiner, BA (Hons) Social Work (2009-2014)
  • General Social Care Council, Conduct & Investigation Officer (2008-)
  • DfES, Investigation Referral Officer (2001-2003)
  • DfES, Advisor (2001-2003)

Internal Responsibilities

  • Programme Leader BA (Hons) Social Work, Bournemouth University
  • Professional Body Investigation & Conduct Officer, Bournemouth University
  • MA Social Work Programme Leader, Bournemouth University
  • BA (Hons) Social Work Programme Leader, Bournemouth University
  • Framework Leader - Social Work, Sociology & Social Policy, Bournemouth University
  • Lead for HCPC approval inspection for the BA & MA Social Work programmes, Bournemouth University
  • Lead for The College of Social Work inspection, Bournemouth University
  • Lead for revalidation of the BA & MA Social Work programmes, Bournemouth University
  • HSC Representative on the International Task Force, Bournemouth University
  • ERASMUS Coordinator, Bournemouth University
  • Member of HSS Executive Team, Bournemouth University
  • Lead on Child Protection/Adult Safeguarding Training, Bournemouth University
  • Coordinator and Lead of European Symposium, BU, Bournemouth University

Attended Training

  • Education Excellence Programme, 01 Jan 2012, Education Excellence Programme
  • Student Complaints Training, 01 Jan 2011, Student Complaints Training
  • Examination Board Training, 01 Jan 2010, Examination Board Training


  • PGCE in Teaching (University of Southampton, 2003)
  • Post Qualifying Award in Social Work in Practice Education (University of Southampton, 2000)
  • Re-accreditation in Practice Teacher Award in Practice Education (Wessex Consortium, 1999)
  • MSc in Professional Studies (University of Southampton, 1998)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Studies (University of Southampton, 1997)
  • Practice Teachers Award in Practice Education (University of Southampton, 1997)
  • BSc (Hons) in Health and Social Studies (Bournemouth University, 1996)
  • Certificate in Social Services in Professional Social Work (Dorset Institute of Higher Education, 1985)


  • HEA Senior Fellow (HEA, 2014)
  • Nominated & Shortlisted - Making an Exceptional Contribution (Bournemouth University VC Staff Award, 2011)
  • Innovative Practice for the BA (Hons) Post Qualifying BA (Hons) Specialist Child Care Award (National Training Award, 2008)
  • Innovative Practice for the Post Qualifying - Part 1 Award (National Training Award, 2006)


  • Health & Care Professions Council, Registered Social Worker (2013-),
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