Jane Hunt

Dr Jane Hunt

  • 01202 961571
  • jhunt at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Senior Lecturer - Child Health Nursing
  • Bournemouth House B233, 19 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 3LH
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My current research interests concern children's palliative care. A particular focus concerns influences and impact of differing models of service and children's hospice development on service delivery.

Journal Articles

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  • Bevan, A., Panjganj, D., Bedells, E., Banks, K., Tointon, K. and Hunt, J., 2016. Towards the evidence base in children’s nursing: student nurse’s experiences of publishing a literature review. In: STTI European Regional Conference June 2016 Utrecht, The Netherlands.


  • Hunt, J., 2004. Deliberate self-harm and suicide prevention in children and young people: towards defining good practice: a limited review of the literature. Romsey Hampshire: JH Nursing Research.
  • Hunt, J.A., Donaldson, N., Tizzard, S. and Rennie, J., 2001. Three venepuncture techniques in babies: a comparative study. London: King's College Hospital NHS Trust.

PhD Students

  • Ashley Mitchell. Can we fix it?!’: Understanding the impact of children’s hospices on parental relationships of life limited and threatened children and young people
  • Anita Immanuel. A study of quality of life among adult haematological cancer survivors
  • Dr Jo Frost. Palliative care for life limited children and young people; bereaved parents’ perceptions of the role of medical care in the development children’s hospice services

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Preparation for publication in professional practice
  • The Acutely Ill Child
  • Long Term Conditions of Childhood
  • Underpinning children's and young people's nursing through social sciences
  • practice

External Responsibilities

  • South Central Childern's Palliative Care Network, Steering group member (2013-)
  • Sage Publications, Editorial Board Member (2013-)
  • Together for Short Lives/Association for Paedaitric Pallaitive Medicine, Research group core member (2012-)
  • Dorest end of life steering group, Steering group member (2009-)

Consultancy Activities

  • External examiner CPPD, External examiner. School of Health and Social Care, London South Bank University


  • PGCE in education (Bournemouth University, 2011)
  • PhD in Sociology (University of Surrey, 1998)


  • HEA, Fellow (2012-),
  • Royal College of Nursing, Member (1978-),
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