Jen Leamon

Dr Jen Leamon

  • 01202 961544
  • jleamon at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Senior Lecturer in Midwifery
  • Royal London House R609, Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 3LT
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Journal Articles

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  • Leamon, J., 2018. Creating and sharing digital stories: Innovation in midwifery education that supports student midwives creativity and person centred practice. In: HSS: Humanisation Conference 29 June 2017-30 April 2018 Bournemouth University.
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  • Leamon, J. and Viccars, A., 2007. West Howe Midwifery Evaluation: The WitH ME Study. An evaluation of the impact of midwifery care provided to women and their families within the Sure Start Bournemouth Scheme at the Kinson and West Howe Children's Centre. Poole, England: Bournemouth University.
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PhD Students

  • Stella Rawnson. Stories:Women's experiences of student midwife caseloading
  • Carolyn Richardson. Stories of Transition: African Caribbean Immigrant Women’s Experiences of Postpartum Care
  • Hilary Walsgrove, 2018. An exploration of advanced Nursing in a Hospital Setting: People, Processes, Frameworks
  • Dr. Professional Practice: 2012 Group Supervisor
  • Gill Glasgow, 2019. An Exploration into the Processes of Formal Mindfulness Meditation: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Degree and Masters level:Preparation for Supervisors of Midwives

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Year 1,2, 3 Practice Portfolio unit
  • Year 3 Teamworking in Projects
  • Health leadership and Innovation


  • Practice Assessment and Learning in Midwifery Study (PALMS) (BU Centre for Excellence in Learning, 01 Jul 2015). In Progress
  • Team Maternity: Learning and assessment involving technology to enable undergraduates lead safe care in maternity emergencies. (BU CEL, 20 Apr 2015). Completed
  • Promoting Dignity through understanding Narratives (Economic Social Research Council, 02 Nov 2013). Awarded
  • The power of narrative and stories in enabling learning for professional practice (Higher Education Academy, 16 Apr 2013). Completed

External Responsibilities

  • Open University, External Examiner Doctoral thesis. (2018-)
  • University of the West of England, External Examiner Dotoral candidate (2011-)
  • Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, Supervisor of Midwives (2006-)

Conference Presentations

  • NETNEP 7th International Nurse Education Conference, Story Sharing: bringing together the art and science of midwifery through assessment, 06 May 2018, Banff, Canada


  • Educational Doctorate in Education (University of East Angila Norwich., 2002)
  • PGCE Research Supervision in Research Supervision (Bournemouth University, 2008)
  • Supervision of Midwifery in Supervision of Midwifery (Bournemouth University, 2002)
  • BEd in Education (University of Hudersfield, 1996)
  • Advanced Diploma in Midwifery in Midwifery (Birmingham and Solihull Colleage of Midwifery Education, 1990)
  • Registered Midwife in Midwifery (West Berkshire Health District School of Midwifery, 1983)


  • Teaching and Learning Fellowship (BU, 2004)


  • Royal College of Midwives, Member,
  • Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, Senior Fellow (2016-),
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