Positioning the Destination Product-Can Regional Tourist Boards Learn from Private Sector Practice?

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Authors: Alford, P.



Journal: Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing

Volume: 7

Pages: 53-68

ISSN: 1054-8408

DOI: 10.1300/J073v07n02_03

This article examines the role of positioning in the marketing of a tourism destination. The study focuses on the current positioning strategies pursued by the Regional Tourist Boards (RTBs) in England. A recent nationwide consumer research study into short holiday destination choice in the UK revealed that consumers were confused by the regional product message. The evidence suggests that current RTB positioning strategies are failing to keep pace with the constantly evolving needs of the consumer. This article explores the reasons for clearly positioning the destination product and suggests that, although RTBs could learn from marketing strategies employed in other sectors of the tourism industry, there are likely to be organisational and cultural barriers inhibiting this learning curve.

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