An upper limb rehabilitation robot based on 3-RRC parallel mechanism

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Authors: Wang, H., Du, N., Hou, H., Zhao, J. and Yu, H.

Journal: 2012 International Conference onAdvanced Mechatronic Systems, ICAMechS 2012

Pages: 668-673

This paper presents an upper limb rehabilitation robot based on 3-RRC parallel mechanism. The device has three degrees of freedom and can help the disabled patient to do rehabilitation training by moving his/her arm in three-dimensional space. The paper set up the control platform, built the mechanism model and analyzed the kinematics of the selected 3-RRC parallel mechanism. Then, it was verified that the workspace of the parallel robot can satisfy the requirement of the rehabilitation training. At last, the trajectory planning was simulated when passive training. The experiment showed the rehabilitation robot system proposed is feasible and useful. © 2012 Intl Jrnal Advanced Mech.

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