Effortless effort: current views on assessing malingering litigants in neuropsychological assessments

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Authors: Thompson, S.


Journal: WMC Rehabilitation

Volume: 2

Pages: 1-5

ISSN: 2046-1690

Neuropsychological assessment is often revealing and valuable not only to assist litigants in their rehabilitation but also to build a case towards claiming compensation in the legal system. However, sometimes malingering litigants with unscrupulous views attempt to deceive assessors through performances that actually do not reflect their true effort. It may suspected by assessors but it can often be difficult to establish categorically. Therefore, there is a need to decide which performances are true and which are spurious. A comprehensive profile that also takes account of the litigant’s lifestyle and background may be more revealing than only accepting face-value performances on a few neuropsychological tests.

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