Surface Corrosion Analysis and Modelling of the Wolverine - M10 Military Tank Destroyer

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Authors: Saeed, Khan, Z. and Sarwar, H.

Journal: Corrosion Engineering Science and Technology

Research presents analysis of the existing surface corrosion, its propagation and sub surface defects of the sample collected from the M10 military tank. Corrosion layer thickness was observed to be almost 250 ┬Ám deep. Surface contaminants such as chlorine and sulphur were found. Simulated environmental tests were performed to evaluate quantitative corrosion damage to the structures of the M10. The relationship of various temperatures and relative humidity with respect to time, within the context of corrosion initiation and propagation, has been studied. A mathematical model to incorporate corrosion accumulation on the surfaces derived from the simulated environmental tests is presented.

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