An interactive microcomputer-based system for the assessment and prognosis of stroke patients

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Authors: Thompson, S.B.N. and Coleman, M.J.

Journal: Journal of Microcomputer Applications

Volume: 12

Issue: 1

Pages: 33-40

ISSN: 0745-7138

DOI: 10.1016/0745-7138(89)90004-3

This paper describes a microcomputer-based visual feedback technique that has been developed for use in conjunction with a portable electromyograph and quadriceps switch to assess the state of a specific muscle site on the affected side of the stroke patient. During operation this system provides the patient with important visual feedback concerning the discharge of nerve impulses in an incompletely innervated leg or arm and, in addition, informs the therapist of the progress of the patient. Motivation is an important factor in determining the recovery progress of a stroke patient, and such feedback has been shown to enhance this aspect of the patient's attitude towards treatment. Automatic collection and storage of data has been organised so that a range of information is available for interrogation by the therapist. Graphical presentations of patients' medical histories and performance are produced on request, together with a comparison of information both between patients and between assessments. This information has been shown to be of particular significance to patients striving to gain return of function in the hand and arm and to be a useful tool during patient progress-an area into which this system has introduced a level of objectivity that complements the highly subjective procedures employed until now. Current work is concerned with extending this element of the research so as to derive an expert system model for therapist use. © 1989.

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