A microcomputer-based assessment battery, data file handling and data retrieval system for the forward planning of treatment for adult stroke patients

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Authors: Thompson, S.B.N.

Journal: Journal of Microcomputer Applications

Volume: 10

Issue: 2

Pages: 127-135

ISSN: 0745-7138

DOI: 10.1016/0745-7138(87)90056-X

A prototype system designed to be run on the BBC microcomputer and used in conjunction with a pootable electromyograph and quadriceps switch, assesses the state of a specific muscle on the damaged side of the stroke patient. Part of the system, described here, automatically collects and stores the information in data files on conventional floppy discs which are organized so that a range of information can be provided for the therapist. A listing of patient's medical histories and performance data is available together with a comparison of information between patients and between assessments. The therapist is able to interrogate the system in a variety of ways including whether or not a given patient performs above or below the known average for that stage of stroke. Further developments are envisaged with proposals for an 'expert system' to be run on a minicomputer. © 1987.

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