A grounded theory approach to the phenomenon of pro-anorexia

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Authors: Williams, S. and Reid, M.

Journal: Addiction, Research and Theory

Volume: 15

Pages: 141-152

ISSN: 1606-6359

DOI: 10.1080/16066350601143239

This research looked at the thoughts and feelings expressed by visitors to pro-anorexic websites to find out how they felt about their disorder and why they used pro-anorexic sites. Using grounded theory (Strauss & Corbin, 1998) the information expressed by 176 participants on two pro-anorexic message boards and one online journal over eight frequently occurring topics was analysed. People believe in pro-anorexia because they want their disorder, however the disorder could also be considered a problem at times and depictions of anorexia were very diverse. It is suggested that health professionals need to take into account the anorexic individual’s perspectives of their disorder in order that more successful treatment can be given. Additional research into anorexic’s perspectives needs to be conducted to further develop understandings of anorexia and the ways it is viewed by those who have it.

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