Hybrid Wars: The 21st Century’s New Threats to Global Peace and Security

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Authors: Bachmann, S. and Gunnariusson H



Journal: Scientia Militaria - South African Journal of Military Studies

Volume: 43

Issue: 1

Pages: 77-98

Publisher: Faculty of Military Science, University of Stellenbosch,

eISSN: 2224-0020

ISSN: 1022-8136

DOI: 10.5787/43-1-1110

This article discusses a new form of war, ‘Hybrid War’, under inclusion of aspects of ‘cyber-terrorism’ and ‘cyber – war’ before the backdrop of Russia’s ‘Ukrainian Spring’ and the continuing threat posed by radical Islamist groups in Africa and the Middle East. It discusses the findings of an on-going Hybrid Threat project by the Swedish National Defence College. This interdisciplinary article predicts that military doctrines, traditional approaches to war and peace and its perceptions will have to change in the future.

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