Modelling and control of an elastically joint-actuated cart-pole underactuated system

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Authors: Liu, P., Yu, H. and Cang, S.

Editors: Luo, X., Cao, Y. and Tong, Z.

Journal: ICAC

Pages: 26-31

Publisher: IEEE

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Authors: Liu, P., Yu, H. and Cang, S.

Journal: ICAC 2014 - Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Automation and Computing: Future Automation, Computing and Manufacturing

Pages: 26-31

DOI: 10.1109/IConAC.2014.6935455

© 2014 Chinese Automation and Computing Society in the UK-CACS. This paper investigates the modelling and closed-loop tracking control issues of a novel elastic underactuated multibody system. A torsional inverted pendulum cart-pole system with a single rotary actuator at the pivot of the cart is proposed. The system dynamics which incorporates with motion planning is firstly described. An optimization procedure is then discussed to plan the feasible trajectories that not just meet the performance requirements but also obtain optimality with respect to the cart displacement and average velocity. A closed-loop tracking controller is designed under collocated partial feedback linearization (CPFL). Subsequent presentation of simulation demonstrates that the proposed system is promising as compared to the previous work. The paper concludes with the application of our novel scheme to the design and control of autonomous robot systems.

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Authors: Liu, P., Yu, H. and Cang, S.


Pages: 26-+

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