The stability performances improvement through kinematic and dynamic modeling of the hopping robots

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Authors: Bruja, A., Vladareanu, L., Yu, H., Wang, H. and Liu, J.

Journal: 2014 UKACC International Conference on Control, CONTROL 2014 - Proceedings

Pages: 492-497

DOI: 10.1109/CONTROL.2014.6915189

© 2014 IEEE. The paper presents an innovative design for a wheeled hopping robot. Our main objective was to obtain a stable and efficient robot, which can jump over obstacles and has the ability to reach a certain ledge. The innovative design of our robot has the capability to jump to a certain distance even with a zero initial velocity provided by the wheels movement. Also, we took into consideration the wind speed which can prevent our robot to reach the desired destination, and compensated with an initial velocity on the direction of movement. For testing we designed a simulation which had as inputs different initial conditions to test and present the jumping capability of our robot in different jumping conditions. In the end we provide a jump area which the robot can reach for certain initial conditions, so we can later chose the optimal one for reaching the target position.

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