Enhanced extenics controller for real time control of rescue robot actuators

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Authors: Vladareanu, V., Schiopu, P., Cang, S., Yu, H. and Deng, M.

Journal: 2014 UKACC International Conference on Control, CONTROL 2014 - Proceedings

Pages: 725-730

DOI: 10.1109/CONTROL.2014.6915229

© 2014 IEEE. The paper presents a new control method for the real time control of rescue robots' actuators, using the concepts and ideas of Extenics Theory. The controller uses the Dependent Function to measure the degree of compatibility of the process variable and combines this information with the derivative of the system error. It then takes the appropriate action to force the system into convergence around a desired set point. This builds upon the previous single-input Extenics controller and leads to a slightly more complex implementation with markedly better results, while retaining the ease of defining and adjusting the associated parameters and rule base. The output of the Dependent Function classifies the process variable value into one of four categories, concurrent with the nested intervals used in Extenics Theory. The rationality and validity of the proposed model are demonstrated through simulation in the Matlab/Simulink environment. The controller is then compared to a selection of other possible controllers. Throughout the paper, opportunities for further improvement and research are highlighted and discussed.

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