Hybrid Warfare and Lawfare

Authors: Bachmann, S. and Andres Munoz



Journal: The Operational Law Quarterly

Volume: 16

Issue: 1

Pages: 2-5

Publisher: Center for Law and Military Operations - US Army Pentagon

Hybrid Warfare as a method of war is not new. The change today appears to be that Hybrid Warfare “has the potential to transform the strategic calculations of potential belligerents [it has become] increasingly sophisticated and deadly”. This short paper presents Hybrid Warfare and one of its methods, lawfare. For this, we provide a current, comprehensive definition of hybrid warfare and examine different areas where law has been/is being used as a method of war. This paper focuses on the following areas where lawfare can be applied: the Jus ad bellum, the Jus in bello and finally in International Relations where the Law of Treaties can be exploited.

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