Gefährdungen der Umweltsicherheit im Lichte des Völkerrechts

Authors: Bachmann, S. and Sanden, J

Journal: EurUP - Zeitschrift fuer Europaeisches Umwelt-und Planungsrecht

Volume: 4

Pages: 330-340

eISSN: 2190-8192

Threats to environmental security ('eco-threats') expose evident shortcomings of environmental protection during hostilities under the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC). The existing frameworks of lnternational Environmental Law, lnternational Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law and Customary International Law show both structural and doctrinal deficiencies to tackle such a new challenge. lndeed, the body of International Law seems to cover only some of the substantial topics of environmental protection during hostilities. ln particular, in asymmetric conflicts beside conventional conflicts, international law cannot give assistance to protect the environment efficiently. Further development of legal rules is required.

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