Pricing and monitoring electronically of automobiles the drive project PAMELA. 1. The technology

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Authors: Blythe, P.T. and Hills, P.J.

Journal: Traffic Engineering and Control

Volume: 32

Issue: 5

ISSN: 0041-0683

In January 1989 the Commission of the European Communities (Directorate General XIII-F) launched the DRIVE research program. The objectives of the programe was to investigate the potential of new and emerging information technologies and how these technologies could be incorporated into systems to improve the efficiency and safety of the Community's road networks and transport systems. Of the 72 projects within the framework comprising the DRIVE programme, the PAMELA consortium is responsible for the development of a short-range communications system to facilitate two-way communications primarily for automatic debiting applications. A description is presented of the three possible ways of implementing automatic charging. In-vehicle equipment is described. Field trials are discussed.

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