Transport telematics project TR1002: ADEPT II (Automatic Debiting and Electronic Payment for Transport II)

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Authors: Blythe, P.T. and Hills, P.J.

Journal: IEE Colloquium (Digest)

Issue: 70

ISSN: 0963-3308

The ADEPT II project promises to provide demonstrations and thus information on the protential of introducing medium to large scale implementations of transport telematics systems which use payment and information services as a means of influencing and managing travel demand. To date information and results from such deployments is scarce, thus decision makers currently find it difficult to ascertain the benefits of such (potential) schemes. Projects such as a ADEPT II and others' within the 4th framework programme will hopefully plug this gap in this knowledge as well as help to raise the awareness of what such schemes can offer and contribute to the management of urban transport.

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