The integration of bus convoying systems and passenger information

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Authors: Nelson, J.D. and Hills, P.J.

Journal: Traffic Engineering & Control

Volume: 33

Issue: 6

Pages: 364-373

Suggests that conditions for bus operation and for passengers in congested urban corridors could be improved in many respects through greater bus/passenger coordination. The measures available for influencing bus supply and pasenger demand can be considered separately or in combination. It is argued that more satisfactory results can be obtained if the latter approach is adopted. As an example, the concept of bus convoy-control is considered. The inter-relationships of a proposed bus-control/information system are modelled, using a simulation method, so as to explore the effects of various changes in supply. The paper considers the concept of an integrated bus-control/passenger-information system; outlines the requirements of a comprehensive model for simulating public transport supply, using Oxford Street, London, as a case-study. The steps involved in the validation and further development of the simulation model employed are described. Some results from the application of the simulation model are presented. Some comments are made on the evaluation of the different combinations of bus-control/passenger-information system tested. -from Authors

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