Innovative bus control for congested urban corridors: the application of convoying systems

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Authors: Nelson, J.D. and Hills, P.J.

Journal: Traffic Engineering & Control

Volume: 31

Issue: 5

Pages: 299-304

The work reported here is an integral part of a research project aimed at improving conditions for bus operation and passengers in central urban corridors. The key to greater efficiency in bus operation is seen to lie in better "marshalling' of both buses and passengers. Two distinct concepts are relevant: bus convoying systems and enhanced passenger information. While the emphasis of this article is on the former, subsequent discussion devolves around greater bus/passenger coordination being dependent on both bus reliability and passenger behaviour in response to real-time information. We begin by reviewing the concept of bus convoy control and its development; we then outline methods for modelling alternative convoying strategies adopted in this study; and, finally, we provide details of an integrated bus-control/information system for Oxford Street, London, and other locations. -from Authors

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