From ‘I’ to ‘We’: A Collaborative Study Group Approach to Narrative Research

Authors: Thurston, J., Oliver, L., Cooper, K. and Podee, M.

Journal: The Qualitative Report

Following a programme of study as a postgraduate researcher, can be an isolating experience. One way to overcome this feeling of isolation is to become part of a study group. The authors of this paperwork in different fields are united through the commonality of using narrative and biographical methods. With each researcher having experienced varying levels of difficulty in negotiating their chosen methodology, a study group was formed.

This paper provides an outline of each author’s area of study, their background and application of their chosen methodology. Covering narrative methods (each of narrative itself, in-depth interviewing and group narrative), and biographical methods (autobiography and the Biographical Narrative Interpretive Method), this paper provides resources for underpinning narrative research. Furthermore, we demonstrate how four people with distinct topic areas were able to collaborate. The result was an enhanced depth of understanding of specific interpretive research methodology. It is through the sharing of these resources that we hope to support others on their journey through narrative and biographical methodology.

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