Mathematical based control method and performance analysis of a novel hydromechatronics driving system Micro-Independent Metering

Authors: Abuowda, K., Dupac, M., Noroozi, S. and Godfry, P.

Journal: Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences

Volume: 45

Issue: 4

Pages: 2443-2459

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

ISSN: 0170-4214


This paper aims to investigate the performance of a hydraulic actuator controlled by the novel system micro-independent metering (MIM). This analysis has been performed by comparing the models of two systems which are the traditional independent metering, that depends on poppet valve, and the new hydro-mechatronics system micro-independent metering, that relies on a stepped rotary flow control valve. In general, independent metering is a hydraulic control system which guarantees a separation between the meter-in and the meter-out of the hydraulic actuator. A Valvistor valve, a special type of Poppet valves, was developed to be embedded into the independent metering (IM) system. This valve has controllability and stability shortcomings which prevent the system from spreading in the industrial applications. The Valvistor valve performance is highly affected by the fluid disturbances because the fluid is considered as a part of its control elements. A stepped rotary flow control valve has been developed to control hydraulic flow rate. The valve composed of a rotary orifice attached to a stepper motor. Using this valve instead of the traditional poppet type has led to a new configuration, that is termed by micro-independent metering. This form improves the hydraulic cylinder velocity performance by rejecting the fluid disturbances effect on the control circuit.

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