Connecting Research with Communities through Performative Social Science

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Authors: Jones, K.

Journal: Qualitative Report: an online journal dedicated to qualitative research since 1990

Volume: 17

Issue: 18

Pages: 1-8

A pioneer in Performative Social Science, Kip Jones makes a case for the potential of arts-based social science to reach audiences and engage communities.

Jones contextualises both the use of the arts in Social Science, as well as the utility of Social Science in the Arts and Humanities. The discussion turns next to examples from his own work and what happens when Art talks to Social Science and Social Science responds to Art.

The benefits of such interaction and interdisciplinarity are outlined in relation to a recently completed project using multi-methods, which resulted in the production of a professional short film.

In conclusion, Performative Social Science is redefined in terms of synthesis that can break down old boundaries, open up channels of communication and empower communities through engagement.

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