Special Issue on Performative Social Science

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Authors: Jones, K., Gergen, M., Guiney Yallop, J., Lopez de Vallejo, I., Roberts, B. and Wright, P.


Journal: Forum: Qualitative Social Research

Volume: 9

ISSN: 1438-5627

This Special Issue presents experimental pieces and manifestations of Performative Social Science in practice, establishing a foundational reference for the performative turn in social science. Jones led a team of five other editors, dispersed both geographically and by subject interests, in a collaborative effort in which they acted as ‘first audience’ for submissions, rather than simply as critics.

The Special Issue contains over 100 photographs and almost 50 illustrations, 36 videos and two audio-recordings. Diverse textual forms of representation include over 50 poems, three scripted conversations, and a play. This international call produced 42 articles written by contributors from 13 countries and written in three languages.

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