Kevin Moloney

Dr Kevin Moloney

  • 01202 965354
  • kmoloney at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Senior Research Fellow
  • Weymouth House W441, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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Kevin is interested in how PR is seen by its practitioners, media and the public. Also how it relates to the political economy and the influence of lobbying on public and private policy making.

He is series editor of the Routledge New Directions in Public Relations and Communciation Research.

Journal Articles

  • Jackson, D. and Moloney, K., 2015. Inside Churnalism: PR, journalism and power relationships in flux. Journalism Studies.
  • Moloney, K., 2015. Journalism and PR: Unpacking "Spin", Stereotypes and Media Myth. JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT, 19 (4), 406-U114.
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  • Moloney, K. and Adi, A., 2012. The importance of scale in Occupy movement protests: a case study of local Occupy protest as a tool of communication through Public Relations and Social Media. Revista internacional de Relaciones Publicas, 2 (4), 97-122.
  • Adi, A. and Moloney, K., 2012. The importance of scale in Occupy movement protests: a case study of a local Occupy protest as a tool of communication through Public Relations and Social Media. Revista Internacional de Relaciones Publicas, 4 (II).
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  • Moloney, K., Jackson, D. and McQueen, D., 2013. News journalism and public relations: a dangerous relationship. In: Allan, S. and Fowler, K., eds. Journalism: New Challenges. Poole, England: CJCR: Centre for Journalism & Communication Research, Bournemouth University, 259-281.
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PhD Students

  • Nigel Jackson, 2008. Online Political Communication: The Impact of the Internet on MPs 1994-2005


  • PhD in Hiring lobbyists (Bournemouth University, 1996)


  • Union of Colleges and Universities (former branch chair), Member,
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