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Journal Articles

  • Thomas, S. et al., 2019. Digitizing a Face-to-Face Group Fatigue Management Program: Exploring the Views of People With Multiple Sclerosis and Health Care Professionals Via Consultation Groups and Interviews. Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) Formative Research, 3 (2).


  • Fairbanks, B., Pulman, A., Dogan, H., Jiang, N., Pretty, K., Thomas, P. and Thomas, S., 2018. Creating a FACETS digital toolkit to promote quality of life of people with multiple sclerosis through Participatory Design. In: 2nd Workshop on Human Centred Design for Intelligent Environments (HCD4IE). The 32nd Human Computer Interaction Conference (British HCI'18) 3 July 2018 Belfast.
  • Baron, S., Pretty, K., Warren, A. and Ross, H., 2018. Using digital technology to enhance learning: Raising awareness, building knowledge and addressing stereotypes through filmed accounts of real-life experiences. In: NETNEP2018: 7th International Nurse Education Conference 6-9 May 2018 Banff, Canada.


  • Pulman, A. et al., 2018. Consultation on delivering an MS-fatigue management group programme in an online format (cFACETS). Bournemouth: BUCRU, Bournemouth University.
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