Mohammad Naiseh

Mohammad Naiseh

  • mnaiseh at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
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Mohammad is a postgraduate researcher in Computing in the Department of Computing and Informatics, Bournemouth University, UK. He received his MSc in Networking and Computer Systems Engineering from Thishreen University, Syria. He worked as a teaching assistant at Thisreen University, Syria. His research is focused on the explainability and transparency of health expert systems, i.e., the systematic design of explainability solutions for health-related recommendations to medical practitioners to advantage from the available data e.g. diagnosis and prescriptions.

Mohammad has a keen interest in studying user trust which he defines as a crucial requirement of deploying AI-based solutions in real-world problems as it has dynamic nature (over-trust and under-trust). He focuses on the principles, methods and tools needed to engineer trust-aware technology able to calibrate manage trust in such technologies.

He is currently working on his PhD titled "Designing Self-Adaptive Explanations for Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) to Improve User Experience for Repeat Prescriptions", with the aim helping non-computing users to understand the rationale behind the expert system recommendations and let them make informed decisions.

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