Nabil Hasshim

Nabil Hasshim

  • nhasshim at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
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I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Face Processing Disorders. My research background is in psycholinguistics and executive function development; having conducted research at the Psycholinguistics Lab at the National University of Singapore and the Applied Cognitive Development Lab at the National Institute of Education in Singapore.

I am currently examining the application of superior face processing to real world policing and security scenarios, and my research interests also include studying the cognitive processes and mechanisms underlying behaviour regulation. My PhD examined the measurement of inhibition using behavioural and eye-tracking methods.

Broader research interests include: quantitative psychology, experimental methods, cognitive science, visual word recognition, executive functions, and attention.

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  • BSocSci in Psychology (National University of Singapore, 2009)
  • PhD in Psychology (Bournemouth University, 2016)
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