Paul Smith

Paul Smith

  • 01202 962493
  • psmith at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Research Lecturer - Computer Animation/Com
  • The Loft (P181)
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Paul Smith is a Research Lecturer at the National Centre for Computer Animation based in Bournemouth University's Media School. His research interests centre on generative processes for use in real-time animation and image making. Working collaboratively with UK based artist Vicky Isley under the name of boredomresearch he has produced a number of projects exploring experiences over extended time-frames. These have been presented worldwide at venues including KUMU Art Museum in Tallinn, Estonia (2011); Today Art Museum in Beijing (2010); LABoral Centro de Arte y Creacion Industrial in Gijón, Spain (2010); SIGGRAPH08 in Los Angeles (2008); Transmediale.05 in Berlin (2005).


A current research strand considers the creative potential of mathematical models describing environmental and biological processes to create poetic landscapes. Using artificial life to describe the complex dynamics of these systems boredomresearch aim to foster a deeper appreciation of the unintuitive relationship between mathematical models and their observable results.

Of key interest to this body of work are models exhibiting non-deterministic behaviour especially where this may present problems for evaluating outcomes. The research looks at interpreting the spatial and temporal patterns from an aesthetic perspective hoping to gain insights at the intersection of artistic and scientific disciplines.


  • Smith, P., Isley, V. and boredomresearch, 2011. Wet Paint. In: Aceti, L., ed. ISEA: International Symposium on Electronic Art 14-21 September 2011 Istanbul. Leonardo Electronic Almanac.
  • Isley, V., Smith, P. and boredomresearch, 2016. AfterGlow. computer art. Silent Signal. QUAD, Derby; VIVID Projects, Birmingham. 31 January 2016-5 January 2017.
  • Smith, P., 2015. Dreams of Mice: Ron, 19 October 2014 at 2:48am. Real-Time artwork in Transitio_MX, Mexico. real-time computational artwork. Transitio_MX 2015: Festival of Electronic Arts & Video. National Arts Centre. 25 September-4 October 2015.






Profile of Teaching PG

  • MA Personal Inquiry

Profile of Teaching UG

  • BA Major Projects, Innovations, Aesthetic & Techniques II, Specialist Projects

External Responsibilities


  • BA (Hons) in Fine Art (1997)


  • Honour Award (VIDA 7.0, International A-Life Electronic Arts Competition, Madrid, 2004)
  • Honour Award (Transmediale Festival, Berlin, 2005)
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