Swanage community planning project youth questionnaire

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Authors: Bickle, E. and Apostolakis, C.


Publisher: Bournemouth University

Place of Publication: Poole, UK

Representatives of the Swanage Town and Community Partnership approached Bournemouth University’s Partnerships, Access and Community Education (PACE) office in September 2004 to discuss its involvement in the Swanage Community Plan and to respond to regional community planning requirements. Part of this plan was a community questionnaire seeking the views of residents and visitors on their ideas and opinions of Swanage with the aim of helping to improve the quality of life in Swanage over the next 10 years. Research based on a supplementary questionnaire seeking the views of the youth in Swanage was also conducted. As in the case of the main questionnaire this part of the study comprised of four open ended questions asking students what they liked about Swanage as well as what improvements they thought were necessary. In this light, the partnership sought assistance from the PACE research team to provide an independent research analysis, interpretation and evaluation report on data collected from this questionnaire. The questionnaires were distributed by the Swanage Town and Community Partnership and the final result was 68 responses from young people who were students at the Swanage Middle School. It is important to note here that members of PACE were not involved in the questionnaire design or distribution and only became involved once all questionnaires had been returned. As a result, PACE provided the data analysis and writing up of the report that was produced in February 2005. This report gives brief details on the background and methodology of the research and presents the results of the returned questionnaires in detail in sections 4 to 7. Section 8 presents a comparison between responses to Question 1 to responses to the rest of questions about the future of Swanage in the short and long term. Subsequently, the key issues and concluding remarks are presented in sections 9 and 10 respectively. Consequently, some of the key findings were: There is a need for developing entertainment facilities such as amusement arcades, sports centre, as well as improving existing ones such as the swimming pool, youth club, and skate park; There is a need for better litter clearance in the town; There is a need for a greater variety of shops; There are calls for Swanage to become a more ‘trendy place’; but also …for Swanage to remain the same.

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