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Dr Stuart Eve

  • Research Associate
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Journal Articles

  • Eve, S. and Pollard, T., 2020. From the Killing Ground: digital approaches to conflict archaeology–a case study from Waterloo. Digital War, 1 (1).
  • Eve, S., 2018. Losing our senses, an exploration of 3D object scanning. Open Archaeology, 4 (1), 114-122.
  • Richardson, L., Law, M., Dufton, J.A., Ellenberger, K., Eve, S., Goskar, T., Ogden, J., Pett, D. and Reinhard, A., 2018. Day of Archaeology 2011–2017: Global Community, Public Engagement, and Digital Practice. Internet Archaeology.
  • Eve, S., 2017. The embodied GIS. Using mixed reality to explore multi-sensory archaeological landscapes. Internet Archaeology.
  • Şerifoğlu, T.E., Mac Sweeney, N., Collar, A., Colantoni, C. and Eve, S., 2016. Lower Göksu Archaeological Salvage Survey Project: The Third Season. Anatolica, 42, 11-27.
  • Morgan, C. and Eve, S., 2012. DIY and digital archaeology: what are you doing to participate? WORLD ARCHAEOLOGY, 44 (4), 521-537.


  • Eve, S. and Graham, S., 2020. Spatial Data Visualisation and Beyond. In: Gillings, M., Hacıgüzeller, P. and Lock, G., eds. Archaeological Spatial Analysis - A Methodological Guide. Taylor & Francis, 460-474.
  • Evans, M., Eve, S., Pollard, T. and Ulke, D., 2019. Waterloo Uncovered: From Discoveries in Conflict Archaeology to Military Veteran Collaboration and Recovery on One of the World’s Most Famous Battlefields. Historic Landscapes and Mental Well-Being. Archaeopress.
  • Graham, S., Eve, S., Morgan, C. and Pantos, A., 2019. Hearing the Past. Seeing the Past with Computers: Experiments with Augmented Reality and Computer Vision for History. University of Michigan Press, 224-237.
  • Eve, S., 2018. Augmented Reality. Encyclopaedia of Archaeological Science. Wiley.
  • Eve, S., 2017. A Dead Man's Nose. Using Smell to Investigate the Past. In: Henshaw, V., McLean, K., Medway, D., Perkins, C. and Warnaby, G., eds. Designing with Smell Practices, Techniques and Challenges. Routledge.
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