Sangeeta Khorana

Dr Sangeeta Khorana

  • Professor of Economics
  • Executive Business Centre EB406, Bournemouth University, 89 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth, BH8 8EB
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Journal Articles

  • Khorana, S., Cho, J., Lee, J. and Disegna, M., 2018. Employing FAHP to de-codify the determinants of trade agreements: A case of the EU-India trade talks. Technological and Economic Development of Economy, 24 (6), 2397-2415.
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  • Khorana, S., 2007. Do trade preferences enhance market access for developing countries' agricultural products? Evidence from Switzerland. Journal of World Trade, 41 (5), 1073-1090.


  • Navigating Uncertainty: Towards a Post-Brexit Trade and Development Agenda. Commonwealth Secretariat.
  • Khorana, S., 2017. Handbook on EU and International Trade. Edward Elgar.
  • Khorana, S., 2016. Health Trade Governance: Economic and Legal Dimensions. SPRINGER.
  • Khorana, S., Perdikis, N., Yeung, M.T. and Kerr, W.A., 2010. Bilateral trade agreements in the era of globalization: The EU and India in search of a partnership.


  • Khorana, S., 2015. The FTA: A Strategic call for India and the EU. In: Godement, F., ed. What does India Think?. Robert Bosch Stifftung, 102-107.
  • Khorana, S., 2014. Economic Dimensions of Indo-Polish Relationship: Analysis of Trade Patterns. India-Poland Relations in the 21st Century: Vistas for Future Cooperation. Vij Publishing India.
  • Cottier, T. and Khorana, S., 2012. Linkages between Freedom of Expression and Unfair Competition Rules in International Trade: The Hertel Case and Beyond. Human Rights and International Trade.


  • Khorana, S., WEBSTER, A. and Piesse, J., 2018. Female empowerment in emerging market firms. In: 45thAcademy of International Business (UK & Ireland Chapter) Annual Conference 11-14 April 2018 Birmingham.
  • Khorana, S., Curran, L. and Nadvi, K., 2017. Rising Powers, Trade Agreements and Global Governance: The EU-India FTA – a Dance without Music? In: SASE 29th Annual Conference 29 June-1 July 2017 Lyon.
  • Khorana, S. and Joshi, S., 2017. Public Procurement Liberalisation through Trade Agreements: Case Study on South Korea. In: Public Procurement: Global Revolution VIII 12-13 June 2017 Nottingham.
  • Khorana, S., 2014. Multilateral Agreements and Global Governance of International Trade. In: ETSG 22-24 September 2014 MUNICH.
  • Khorana, S., 2014. Can reciprocal tariff elimination reduce the welfare losses due to lagging labor productivity?: An Analysis of Reciprocal Preferential Trade Access between Sub-Saharan Africa and Industrialized Countries. In: GTAP 2014 8-10 June 2014 DAKAR.


PhD Students

  • Kolawole Aladesanmi
  • Onyedikachi Uwakwem

Invited Lectures

  • Keynote & Roundtable "Trade, Globalization and Development"
  • Trade Policy Options of Emerging Markets/ India, Vienna, 05 Sep 2017 more
  • Methods & tools: Value for Money in procurement, Santiago, Chile, 04 Oct 2017 more
  • Bret and UK's Supply Chain Linkages, Bournemouth, 26 Apr 2018 more


  • Public Procurement Initiative (Directorate-General for Development and Cooperation – EuropeAid, 04 Jan 2016). Awarded
  • TTIP negotiations: caught between myth and reality? (Council for Europe through CIDOB, 27 May 2015). Completed
  • Towards an Atlantic Area (European Commission, 01 Jan 2013). In Progress
  • EuropeAid/126313/C/SER/VN (European Commission, 01 Jul 2011). Completed
  • Impact Analysis of proposed EU-India FTA on Indian export sectors (Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 01 Oct 2007). Completed

External Responsibilities

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • Dorset Business Growth Forum Networking Event
  • Evidence to Scottish Parliament: UK Trade Bill
  • Remodelling UK's Trade with India Post Brexit
  • Major points to discuss: Negotiating Prosperity: Consequences of Future Models of Trade with Europe What will our relationship with the European Union look like, and how will it affect UK exports?
  • Invited Panelist at XIII Annual Conference of the Inter-American Network on Government Procurement, in Session “Methods and tools to achieve Value for Money in public procurement”
  • From Rising Powers to Interdependent Futures

Conference Presentations

  • Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE), Rising Powers, Trade Agreements and Global Governance: The EU-India FTA – a dance without music?, 29 Jun 2017, Lyon, France
  • Rising Powers and Labour Standards in Global Production, The EU-India FTA: A Dance without Music, 18 Jun 2017, MANCHESTER
  • PUBLIC PROCUREMENT: GLOBAL REVOLUTION VIII, Public Procurement Liberalisation through Trade Agreements: Case Study on South Korea, 11 Jun 2017, NOTTINGHAM
  • 24th IIOA Conference, An Evaluation of Public Procurement Import Penetration: Liberalisation Effects of Preferential Trade Agreements for South Korea, 03 Jul 2016, Seoul, Korea
  • GTAP Conference, International Trade and Health: Implications for Developing Countries, 14 Jun 2016, Washington DC


  • EUIA Conference Panel BALANCING ECONOMIC INTERESTS AND LABOUR RIGHTS IN EU EXTERNAL TRADE & INVESTMENT POLICY (I): the legal tensions between trade, labour and human rights (ID 260)

External Media and Press

Broadcast Interview

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