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Jianyuan Sun

  • Post Doctoral Researcher In Visual Computing
  • Tolpuddle House TA121, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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Journal Articles

  • Sun, J., 2020. Two-stage deep regression enhanced depth estimation from a single RGB image. IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing.
  • Sun, J., Hui, Y., Guoqiang, Z., Junyu, D., Shu, Z. and Hongchuan, Y., 2020. Random Shapley Forests: Cooperative Game Based Random Forests with Consistency. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics.
  • Sun, J., Zhong, G., Huang, K. and Dong, J., 2018. Banzhaf random forests: Cooperative game theory based random forests with consistency. Neural Networks, 106, 20-29.
  • Dong, X., Dong, J., Zhou, H., Sun, J. and Tao, D., 2018. Automatic Chinese Postal Address Block Location Using Proximity Descriptors and Cooperative Profit Random Forests. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 65 (5), 4401-4412.
  • Zhang, Q., Sun, J., Zhong, G. and Dong, J., 2017. Random Multi-Graphs: A semi-supervised learning framework for classification of high dimensional data. Image and Vision Computing, 60, 30-37.
  • Sun, J., Zhong, G., Dong, J., Saeeda, H. and Zhang, Q., 2017. Cooperative profit random forests with application in ocean front recognition. IEEE Access, 5, 1398-1408.


  • Zhang, Q., Sun, J., Zhong, G., Dong, J., Gao, F., Yang, H. and Saeeda, H., 2018. Injecting randomness into graphs: An ensemble semi-supervised learning framework. Semi-Supervised Learning: Background, Applications and Future Directions. 21-44.


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