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My job is to support research activities relating to the analysis of natural capital assets, including compilation and management of data sets, analysis and exploration of data, presentation and communication of results and participation in field campaigns. One of my core interests is in understanding the links between climate change, ecosystem services and human wellbeing. Currently working under the NERC-Valuing Nature Programme project “Mechanisms and consequences of tipping points in lowland agricultural landscapes” I am focusing on modelling how the natural capital assets of Dorset have changed in the past and how they are likely to change in the future, accounting for factors such as asset condition, ecosystem services and benefit values for Dorset.

I am also working with members of the PHSG (Poole Harbour Study Group) to identify the main drivers, inputs and outputs that are important in affecting the quantity and quality of ecosystem service flows in Poole Harbour (Dorset, England)...


Journal Articles

  • Watson, S.C.L., Paterson, D.M., Queirós, A.M., Rees, A.P., Stephens, N., Widdicombe, S. and Beaumont, N.J., 2016. A conceptual framework for assessing the ecosystem service of waste remediation: In the marine environment. Ecosystem Services, 20, 69-81.
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