Timothy Gamble

Dr Timothy Gamble

  • tgamble at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Senior Lecturer in Psychology
  • Poole House P127, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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Journal Articles

  • Gamble, T., Turner-Cobb, J.M., Walker, I. and Holt, N., 2019. Putting proverbs to the test: An engaging approach to developing students’ hypothesis testing skills. Teaching of Psychology, 46 (3).
  • Maras, K., Gamble, T. and Brosnan, M., 2019. Supporting metacognitive monitoring in mathematics learning for young people with autism spectrum disorder: A classroom-based study. Autism, 23 (1), 60-70.
  • Cheetham, T.J., Turner-Cobb, J.M. and Gamble, T., 2016. Children's implicit understanding of the stress-illness link: Testing development of health cognitions. British Journal of Health Psychology, 21 (4), 781-795.
  • Gamble, T. and Walker, I., 2016. Wearing a Bicycle Helmet Can Increase Risk Taking and Sensation Seeking in Adults. Psychological Science, 27 (2), 289-294.
  • Gamble, T. and May, J., 2016. Transitions in Interface Objects: Searching Databases. Advances in Human-Computer Interaction, 2016.
  • Gamble, T., Walker, I. and Laketa, A., 2015. Bicycling campaigns promoting health versus campaigns promoting safety: A randomized controlled online study of 'dangerization'. Journal of Transport and Health, 2 (3), 369-378.
  • Brosnan, M., Ashwin, C. and Gamble, T., 2013. Greater Empathizing and reduced Systemizing in people who show a jumping to conclusions bias in the general population: Implications for psychosis. Psychosis, 5 (1), 71-81.
  • Jones, C.R., Eiser, J.R. and Gamble, T.R., 2012. Assessing the impact of framing on the comparative favourability of nuclear power as an electricity generating option in the UK. Energy Policy, 41, 451-465.


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