• Gay performativity and reality television: alliances, competition and discourse more
  • The films of ducastel and martineau: Gay identity, the family, and the autobiographical self more
  • Investigating the meaning of electoral choice through a ‘consumer as choice maker' lens more
  • The Study of Medieval Ceramics from North-West Russia: A View from the West more
  • Forensic geophysical survey more
  • Non-invasive sub-surface mapping techniques, satellite and aerial imagery in landscape archaeology more
  • The Animal Remains more
  • Animal bones in archaeology: how archaeozoologists can make a greater contribution to British Iron Age and Romano-British Archaeology more
  • Faunal remains (AES76-7) more
  • The mobilisation of troops for cross channel transportation. Norreys' men for Brittany, July - December 1592 more
  • Excavations at Mile Oak Farm more
  • Roman forts in a designed landscape. East Holton, Wareham St Martin: a journey to Cuckoo-land more
  • Harnessing the Power of Music & Sound Design in Interactive Media more
  • Music for Interactive Moving Pictures more
  • Evolution of affine transformations and iterated function systems using hierarchical evolution strategy more
  • Evolutionary Algorithms in Modelling and Animation more
  • Resolution of the inverse problem for iterated function systems using Evolutionary Algorithms more
  • Altering Care: Gifts and Emotion in Nursing Practice within a Czech Nursing Home more
  • A review of the use of asynchronous e-seminars in undergraduate education more
  • Do-It-Yourself Electronic Lectures in Microsoft Powerpoint more
  • Global responsibility and sustainable business practice more
  • Ways to engage widening participation students more
  • Government and lobbying activities more
  • Nico and Charlie: a story of two political servants and of political management more
  • From policy to Dartmoor: Personal Development Planning for transition, engagement and beyond at Bournemouth University more

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