Violence and the Limits of Representation

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Authors: Matthews, G. and Goodman, S.

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 9781137296917

In an era that plays host to war, terrorism, civil unrest, and economic uncertainty, it is more vital than ever to think critically about the ways in which violence is framed, mediated and regulated through representations. This book explores the variegated forms violence can take, not only physical but abstract, emotional and virtual, and directed not only against bodies but buildings, faiths, cultures, and classes. With essays by experts in literature, film, drama, art, and philosophy, Violence and the Limits of Representation contributes to a richer understanding of violence and its effects. This collection not only offers insight into the challenges and ethical issues involved in the representation of violence but, through a concern with the socio-political contexts of violence, offers a unique set of perspectives on the conflicts and concerns of the present.

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