Snow White is Missing: An Interactive Locative Story For Dementia Patients

This source preferred by Charlie Hargood, Ben Hicks, Fred Charles and Wen Tang

Authors: Hargood, C., Hicks, B., Charles, F., Lynch, S. and Tang, W.

Start date: 26 June 2017

Publisher: Springer

With the increasing prevalence of powerful mobile technology, interactive entertainment is also becoming increasingly mobile. This can also be said for a range of applications including those pertaining to mental and physical health which are also looking to take advantage of the increase in mobile technology to create digital interventions and other treatment based software for mobile devices that can benefit from the mobile deliver form. In this paper we propose a new form of serious game in this vein: therapeutic locative interactive fiction. These are interactive story experiences, read while on the move, that respond to the readers environment and location context, and have therapeutic value. The locative nature of these stories enables therapeutic activities connected with out door spaces, and allows for content to enrich users, the readers of locational context. We present a demonstration of this concept through our own therapeutic locative interactive narrative: Snow White is Missing, and detail both its design from an interactive narrative and therapeutic activity perspectives.

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