Branding a tertiary institution by committee: An exploration of internal brand analysis and management processes

Authors: Chapleo, C. and Clark, P.

Journal: Journal of Brand Management

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISSN: 1479-1803

This article explores how a branding committee was used to facilitate part of a Canadian university’s branding process. It builds on recent cases exploring the effectiveness of branding processes, focusing on using a committee of selected stakeholders. The benefits and drawbacks of using such a committee in the institution’s brand analysis process are examined from the committee members’ perspective. In-depth interviews were conducted with the committee, exploring individual contributions, leadership, engagement, and overall effectiveness, as well as possible improvements. These interviews were analysed using qualitative content analysis, eliciting key themes and rich narrative. Specific insights into the committee members’ perceptions of the benefits of a branding committee and their attitudes about their effectiveness, both as individuals and the committee as a whole, are also discussed. The overall findings offer theoretical and practical implications in terms of managing the branding process in an inclusive manner that takes account of stakeholder views and taps into their inherent knowledge, arguably presenting a more holistic brand. While the context is that of a Canadian university, the authors argue that the findings offer significant insights into key factors surrounding the use of committees when managing the branding process for the majority of larger organizations.

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Authors: Chapleo, C. and Clark, P.


Volume: 23

Issue: 6

Pages: 631-647

eISSN: 1479-1803

ISSN: 1350-231X

DOI: 10.1057/s41262-016-0009-1

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